The Idea: Dining Etiquette

We learn about dining etiquette through our children days by having an adult yelling at us. As we grow up, the yelling gets lesser but we never really did learned. As a grown up now, I only realize the importance of well behavior.

Many times we may have made a fool of ourselves or offended people without us knowing. Sadly, the explanation - "I don't know" is not an acceptable excuse anymore. It may work once or twice but not forever.

On this site, I will share what I have learned from both hard ways and easy ways. Like it or not, we are in a society of being constantly judged. Most commonly, judgments are passed either at the dining table or in the restaurant. That's why you may even treat this site as a business dining etiquette site.

This site is not about getting you to nail the interview or score during the date, but allows you to approach the meal with more confidence. You will learn about food, drinks, dinning etiquette, and respectful behavior. Not only you will be more relax and able to enjoy the meal as well. For those who are interested to know more, you may contact your local etiquette/ personal development coach or get a book on etiquette.

On Line Courses Now Available

If you are interested in knowing more about dining etiquette program. You can now attend on-line courses, through here.

Better Dining Blog
The Better Dining Blog provides the most recent updates that has been made to the site.
Table Layout
This page explains the table layout of a formal dining setting.
Basic Eating Etiquette
This page contains the tips on basic eating etiquette and other culture eating etiquette.
Eating Styles
In the Western culture, there are two main eating styles. Namely, American style and European style.
Food Types
This page provide a list of food types.
Non-alcoholic Beverage
This page provide explanation on non-alcoholic beverage such as water, and coffee.
Wine Basics
This page provide simple explanation about wine basics.
This page provide simple explanation about spirits or alcoholic drinks that are found in restaurants.
International Dining Culture
This page provide simple explanation about the international dining culture scene and a list of popular dining culture.
This page contains ideas on tipping.
Glasswares Pictionary
This page provide examples of glasswares and its use.
Beating Holiday Binge
This page describes some ideas on beating holiday binge.
Dining Quickhacks
This page provide simple dining quickhacks or dining tips that improves the dining experience.
Beer Myth Explained
This page describes some of the common beer myth.
Gong Fu Cha, Chinese tea ceremony, tea tapping
This page describes the art of Chinese Gong Fu Cha (功夫茶) tea ceremony.
Drink Etiquette
This page describes drink etiquette.
Kitchen Hierarchy
This page describes the organization kitchen hierarchy and their responsibilities.
Japanese Dining
This page describes Japanese dining and etiquette.
Save Money While Eating Out
This page shows you how to save money while eating out.
Wine Pouring Etiquette
This page shows you the proper way of wine pouring etiquette.
Must Have Kitchen Tools
This page shows the must have kitchen tools for foodies.
Decode Menuspeak
This page explains how do you decode menuspeak.
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